Sunny Feng Han
3 min readNov 15, 2021



Sunny Feng Han

— — — — -Comments on Elation Studios CRC Proposal #65

I’m excited to read the Elation Studios’s marketing strategy proposal which we have discussed many times at last.I believe it’s the last opportunity which Elastos should catch in this Bitcoin bull period.

All as we know, in this Bitcoin bull period, there are many hot points in the market, such as: DeFi, Dex, Multichain Protocol, Stable Coin, private computation, Web 3.0,Decentralized data storage, etc. Elastos hardly caught one of them.

There are some key point reasons: 1. Elastos main tech structure will finished until end of this year. So, before that, she hardly support a prosperous dApp ecosystem.2. Elastos has no long term marketing and brand strategy or orientation , even on Web3.0, Elastos is far away from the representative project like ICP. 3. Elastos born from a 20 years Internet OS project, she has little gene to catch up with cryptocurrency marketing rhythm.

But when I read a Rong Chen’s Twitter about Metaverse(“Digital twins: Web3 and Metaverse”), I saw the first light of dawn.

Figure 1. Schrodinger’s Cat and Metaverse. Animated by Yang Ge

I’m a visiting research fellow in Institute for Advanced Study of Tsinghua University.My major is Quantum Mechanics, so I can deeply understand the Metaverse, such concept based on the Quantum Mechanics’ parallel world, for example: Schrodinger’ s cat, cat’s life state and death state can’t exist in our reality world in the same time. But in the QM’s parallel worlds, they can exist in two superposition states and entangle each other, such theory have been proved by science and it’s really universe’s truth. Following Rong Chen’s thought: Metaverse is a decentralized world which certainly should parallel to the centralized reality world. So in the Metaverse , we own ourselve’s data, then we can have whole freedom of our second life and initiate a automatic digital economy and can’t be controlled by any centralized platform and organization, our own data can create many new wealthy consensus like Bitcoin. Elastos as the Web3.0 technology apparently can be candidate of infrastructure of Metaverse. She will be accomplished in the end of this year, and will support Feeds,Essential,CreDA, FilDA,GlideFinance, Profile etc. to form Metaverse’s decentralized social network-DID-Credit-Finance-Occupation etc.So I really believe Metaverse will be the true climax of this Bitcoin period (obviously ,Zuckerberg has similar idea as he changed Facebook name to Meta to show his confidence about Metaverse). Fortunately, there is no focus project in Metaverse until now, so I have enough confidence that the huge opportunity of Elastos will be coming!

At this turning point, Elation Studios have emerged in front of us with great spirit power and huge encouragement.Their team members are from Morgen Stanley, and have enough experiences and professional spirit on finance and marketing issues, they have deep understanding about Metaverse and Elastos. After discussing with them many time, I learned a lot from them and have enough confidence to believe they will represent Elastos community to catch the next climax rhythm of marketing and guide us to the bright future.

After serious thinking, our Manhattan Project Fund made a decision to assist them to achieve this great goal.

In conclusion, I will vote “yes” here and will deliver my own whole energy to support them.